the rookie with the mic, part 1

For a lifelong English nerd, this reporter gig comes with a steep learning curve. I’m still figuring out how things work, and I don’t want to pretend I have all the answers. So here’s a peek behind the curtain; a glimpse into the stumbling efforts of a rookie with a mic. This post is the first of many. … More the rookie with the mic, part 1

sail away

I fingered the yellow paper with its bold black type. “This license is only good for three years? Sheesh, what do they think is going to happen?” I flipped the card and read the words on the other side: Park District Sailing License. It was my badge of survival, testifying that I’d made it through the … More sail away

any dream will do?

Decked in heels, jewels, and curls, the three of us sallied forth into the snow. Our tickets were for the 8pm showing of an old favorite: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat—a girls’ night out for my sister’s birthday. In the parking lot of the Drury Lane theater, we saw elderly couples, whole families, and … More any dream will do?

a dragon a week

My knees shook visibly as I stood, waiting. I figured I shouldn’t lock them and risk passing out, so I let them tremble, and vainly tried to pretend no one could see. The rest of the room was dark because of the lights glaring in my face from a dozen angles, but I could still tell … More a dragon a week